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Catherine Morris

In 2010 I took the opportunity to leave my job as a senior manager in order to go full time with my art.

I started my artistic ‘career’ working in textiles. Consequently I am always strongly drawn to texture as well as colour in my work. Having moved on to the medium of paint, I now enjoy translating that love of texture into my paintings, layer by layer. I use a wide range of materials to build up the surface as well as adding numerous layers of colour. I enjoy the process of suggesting half hidden images by continuously covering and revealing until the desired effect is reached. I also use collage to achieve texture, particularly when working on paper and enjoy ‘distressing’ the surface with a variety of implements! I largely work in acrylic and mixed media as they lend themselves very well to this way of working.

My primary sources of inspiration are the British landscape and the human body, particularly the similarities of sensuous shapes and curves to be found in both. I have always enjoyed being in the outdoors. Living as I do, in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, on the edge of the Pennine moors and valleys, I am surrounded every day by amazing views and frequently witness the play of light on the land, all of which feeds my passion and I consider myself to be very fortunate.