Angela Bell

Angela Bell

After much deliberation and giving up a ‘good’ office job in her late 20s, Angela began her journey into a life as an artist by attending Grimsby School of Art Foundation Course.  After completing the foundation course, she went on to study textile design at Manchester Polytechnic.  After graduating, she free-lanced for a while, eventually deciding to devote her time to painting from her home in Hull, East Yorkshire.

She usually work in a spontaneous, unpredictable way, which often involves using a variety of media from a vast collection of saved bits and bobs, such as silver paper, ribbon, tissue, seeds etc. When Angela is not using mixed media she likes to work in acrylics and particularly enjoy the subtle and interesting effects of glazing, working layer upon layer.

She has also diversified into mural painting in both public and private venues

Rozanne Bell will be here on

Saturday September 28th

to open her New Show


Rozanne Bell Artist - New Show at Harrison Lord Gallery