Helen Cassidy

Helen Cassidy

Helen Cassidy is welcomed to the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.  Helen Cassidy has always had a passion for drawing and sketching all of her life, and in the 1990s decided to start painting and to become a full time artist.
Helen Cassidy works in acrylics and experiments with pastels and oils to create a unique style of artwork. As sketching and drawing are the two mediums that Helen Cassidy originated from, although working in acrylic there is an essence of a drawing base and style that comes through in her work and that form the basis of her paintings.
Helen Cassidy is an artist thats subjects are part of everyday life and enjoyment – such as landscapes, waterscapes, flowers, and even delightful abstract paintings where Helen uses her open interpretation to creating new and exciting imagery. Most recently, Helen has started to add texture and collage to her work to provide another dimension.

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Saturday September 28th

to open her New Show


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