Paul Town

Paul Town

Paul Town is famous for his paintings of football stadiums and football related scenes, in particular Huddersfield Town and Bradford City.

Paul studied building and construction ad went on to build a highly successful business managing special and complex building projects. He then moved into education, providing the opportunity to share his talents, skills and passion for building with young people.

Although he thoroughly enjoyed this time, his strong interest developed as a child in art and the history of sporting venues came together, and purely for relaxation he sketched and painted football stadiums. Within weeks his first piece of artwork was sold, albeit this was neither his intention nor reason for painting. A series of commissions followed, which eventually meant combining his work in education with painting became unrealistic.

Paul made the decision to become a professional artist; his portfolio of clients and the breadth of his work are extensive and impressive. He is already renowned for painting football, cricket and rugby stadiums by utilising his extensive knowledge of stadium design, architecture and history. Over the last few years he’s produced a stunning range of work to include truly emotional scenes from the First World War, street scenes from the 50s onwards and a look back to the industrial revolution. His work has been shown in a number of journals and publications and more recently his work was showcased in a book on the history of Everton Football Club.

What matters most to Paul is that he captures the memories, emotions and echoes from the past. For Paul it’s not painting, it’s personal, which is why great care is taken from agreeing the brief to the presentation of the finished artwork. This is typified by feedback from a client who said “I commissioned Paul to paint a stadium for my husband’s birthday, to remind him of the hours he’d spent watching his team with his father. When he opened his gift he was speechless, and whilst wiping the tears away he said ‘that’s just how it was back in the day-magical’ thank you so much’’ .This is the essence of Paul work.

Paul is a product of his background, environment and education. His experience of surviving with his dad the tragic fire at Valley Parade in Bradford where 56 people lost their lives and many more were injured and scarred for life arrives subtly within his work. Paul’s personal dedication to those who died is in every painting he completes, with the number ‘56’ hidden somewhere for people to find- their memory lives on.