Represented Artists

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Simon Wright artist

Simon Wright – Exhibition Opens 30th November

Northern Town by David Smith - Harrison Lord Gallery

David Smith

Sue Slack

Sue Slack

Allan Morgan artist

Allan Morgan

Peter Brook artist at the Harrison Lord Gallery

Peter Brook

The Pennine landscape artist
Julia Ogden

Julia Ogden

Sam Mortimer - Dales

Sam Mortimer

Looking towards Paul Dene Marlor - Stoodley Pike

Paul Dene Marlor

Paul Talbot-Greaves -Harrison Lord Gallery

Paul Talbot-Greaves

Artist_ Mark Sofilas

Mark Sofilas

Roger Davies artist as seen on BBC TV

Roger Davies – New Exhibition Opens 9th November

Clare Haley

Clare Haley

Rozanne Bell will be here on

Saturday September 28th

to open her New Show


Rozanne Bell Artist - New Show at Harrison Lord Gallery