Roger Davies Art Exhibition Opens

Roger Davies Artist

Roger Davies Art Exhibition Opens

Renowned Brighouse singer songwriter Roger Davies has spent his life building a successful career in music. Last year he had a national tour supporting folk rock music legends Fairport Convention in a succession of sold out concerts. He has recently formed a new band and an eagerly awaited album is due out in April. See Roger’s website for details

However, he has another, more secret passion…art.

A graduate of Batley School of Art and the recipient of the John James Hamer Award from the Huddersfield Art Society, Roger has, in his spare time, continued to refine his painting skills.

A chance conversation with the Harrison Lord Gallery owner Steven Lord about their mutual friend Peter Brook inspired Roger to show Steven some of his latest paintings.

Peter Brook is one of Yorkshire’s most famous artists, some of his work is owned by the Tate Gallery and the Hepworth in Wakefield.

A number of years ago Roger met Peter and was inspired to write one of his most popular songs “Peter Brook’s Paintings”.

Steven was immediately bowled over by the quality and originality of Roger’s paintings. “I knew that Roger was a keen artist but I didn’t realise until I saw his work just what a talent he has. I immediately asked him to show me more and then encouraged him to create a body of work so that I could hold an exhibition.”

Roger’s work uses caricatures of himself in various Northern scenes which are often inspired by his songs and experiences as a working musician, some even including an impression of Peter Brook in the distance.

Roger celebrates aspects of his hometown (Brighouse, West Yorkshire) in much of his work.  Familiar scenes depict people, shop fronts, pubs and other buildings in a style which demonstrates a flair and enthusiasm which is uniquely his own.

Roger himself is an unassuming, proud Yorkshireman. He considers his music and his artwork to be a real labour of love:

“I like to make pictures which end up looking a bit like drawings, a bit like prints and a bit like paintings all at the same time. You could say the style is quite simplistic. The artwork, like my music, is ultimately celebratory and intended to inspire, inform and entertain.”

The exhibition is a must not only for all Roger Davies’s fans but also for anybody who loves Peter Brook’s work and paintings of industrial Yorkshire.

The exhibition, which is free to enter opens on Saturday March 24th at the Harrison lord Gallery in Brighouse and runs for 4 weeks.

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