Artist Submissions

Thank you for wanting to submit your work to the gallery.


To submit your work for consideration for exhibiting at the Harrison Lord Contemporary Art Gallery please use the submission guidelines below for a submission via email or post.



Submission Guidelines


If you wish your work to be considered for display or exhibition please supply:


• Artists CV

• Images of current work – either on CD as JPEG or a link to images on a website or blog (a small selection of images are acceptable as an attachment to an email).

• A brief statement about how you see your work connecting with our existing style.

• A stamped, self-addressed envelope – if you require your application to be returned.


Some things to bear in mind when applying:


• We programme shows up to 2 years in advance, so please do not expect an instant response to your letter or email

• We are interested in emerging and mid career talent from artists with a confident aesthetic and an imaginative application of concepts.

• Initially work and proposals will not be reviewed in your presence. If your work catches our eye you will be invited to bring examples into the gallery.



As you can understand our exhibitions team are very busy people, we therefore ask you to not walk into the gallery with your work and expect to be seen by them.

We accept applications via post or email – we will then contact you personally if we wish to proceed



Please send your applications to:

The Harrison Lord Gallery

5 Bradford Road,


West Yorkshire,