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Neville Fleetwood

Neville Fleetwood 1932-2021

Neville Fleetwood, who studied at Huddersfield Art School and with famous British artist William Selby, has been painting professionally for a number of years. He paints using oil, acrylic and mixed media. His contemporary paintings demonstrate a strong, bold use of colour and vibrancy, which are developed by applying layer upon layer with painterly brushstrokes.

Neville Fleetwood is particularly well known for his still life paintings, where he positions everyday objects in carefully crafted suspended space producing balance and sustainable interest, and landscapes which are full of atmosphere, with patchwork fields arranged into a vivid abstract design.

Over the years Neville Fleetwood has emerged as an important name in British Art. His contemporary paintings have created an impressive following and he has exhibited at major London galleries and won many major art awards.

Neville Fleetwood is an elected member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Today Neville Fleetwood contemporary paintings are in collections worldwide.

Neville Fleetwood Artist

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