Paddy Campbell

Paddy Campbell

Artist, Paddy Campbell came to live and paint in Rossendale in January 2015. In order to capture the rugged hills of the East Pennines he has developed his robust style of oil painting.

Within the rugged hills there is gentility”.

Since arriving he has captured the rugged beauty of the hills in his dynamic oil painting, watercolours and acrylics with a good deal of success. His paintings attract a good following. Many of his paintings are in homes around the World as treasured mementos and as artistic endeavours in their own right.

The hills have come alive with the dramatic skies and bright sun. Gone are the bleak, ‘gun metal skies’ of last year and in with the startling cloud formations and flash Atlantic snow storms that this island should have in Spring!

Paddy Campbell’s current work as part of the Valley Artists Summer exhibition ‘Solstice’ demonstrates this artist’s ability to capture rugged beauty of the hills that surround us.

“The combination of many years of travel, observation and reflection, has led to a painter that is willing to take artistic risks.”

In Southern Africa Paddy Campbell developed an appreciation of the sky. While living within The North Yorkshire Moors he observed the unbroken Horizon and on the island of Alderney he captured the bright white reflected light and images of the sea that surround the island. Travels in East Asia has given Paddy Campbell a good sense of the intricate and free use of the line in his painting, in Europe the rigours of colour use.

Paddy Campbell has developed from craft worker to artist. This transition was an important one, giving a real sense of the commercial and social worth of painting in his work. This combined with tenacity and a high skill level shown by the artist has led to Paddy Campbell becoming a competent and popular landscape painter. The exuberant use of colour and form in his work stems from the onsite, plein-air nature of production. Indeed, it is the production process that gives the paintings their honesty and enthusiasm.

Oils suit the robust command of colour and landscape structure displayed in Paddy Campbell’s work and the painting knife his method of attack. Watercolour and acrylic paintings offer a new direction to work of Paddy Campbell, with splendid results. It is the ability to maintain wildness within his paintings that make this artist work so popular, they are unmistakably rural paintings that capture the spirit and oxygen of a scene with good effect. Paddy Campbell’s work is influenced by the landscapes that produce it. In keeping with modern landscape artists his paintings translate well into the urban home and gallery.