Sue Slack

Sue Slack

Sue Slack lives on the North Yorkshire Moors and her inspiration comes from the surrounding moorland landscape

She explores the theme of walking and sketching in order to make that fundamental connection to the land which I believe is vital to her work. Through on-site drawings, she observes the way even familiar landscapes change according to points along a journey, the time of day, the season and the weather.

Using her sketches, photographs and memory, she then works out the paintings back in the studio. She often uses a reddish ground as a counterbalance to the predominantly green landscape. Other times she is influenced by the expressionist artist, Alexei von Jawlensky with his wonderful use of cadmium yellow.

The resulting colours are accentuated and re-adjusted as the painting progresses. She paints in acrylic as this suits her technique of using layers to accentuate colour.

It is important to her that the place she is painting is recognised and her work often appeals to walkers or cyclists who know the landscape well.