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Stephen Todd

StephenTodd Artist
Stephen Todd in the Harrison Lord Gallery

Stephen Todd is a Sheffield based artist working primarily with seascape/landscape and the human form. His main methods of practice are painting, drawing and photographic images.

The work has a strong sense of marks and lines from the instinctive to the deliberate, often incorporating text. It also makes direct reference to the materials being used.

Drawing is an essential part of his practice; charcoal an important medium and life drawing a discipline. He started life drawing in 1980 with John Epstein in London and continues to explore the instinctive approach he provoked.

He is interested in the historic significance of places and events. How the past is recorded and represented to determine how it is understood. How are facts constructed?

In conclusion, his work is figurative in its inspiration and he seeks to make pieces that are visually strong, aesthetic in quality and continue to affect the viewer.

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