Summer Show 2018

Summer Show 2018

Artist_ Mark SofilasArtist Michael Abrams

The Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse is opening its Summer Art Exhibition on Saturday 11th August.

The exhibition features work by artists Mark Sofilas from Leeds and Michael Abrams from Wakefield. Both painters excel at landscape painting.

With their innovative and unique styles, they have provided the Gallery with a wonderfully uplifting body of work featuring landscape and seascape scenes.

Mark Sofilas’s paintings are very heavily guided by the emotions of particular scenes which Mark then tries to convey to the viewer. “It might be something as simple as smoke drifting from a chimney pot or silhouette created by a particular light source. It may be the strength or history, which emanates from an everyday object or piece of architecture.” commented Mark.

Mark often exaggerates colour and perspectives to arrive at a nicely balanced place, where the image created has not only captured the physical qualities of the scene, but more importantly, the feeling of the occasion.

Michael Abrams found inspiration for his new body of work by tapping into his Yorkshire roots. “I don’t necessarily have to observe things in the traditional sense, I just let my mind take a walk and see where it takes me.” His new painting depict a Yorkshire character with his dog walking in the Pennines. Michael has found this a very rewarding subject and he has been absorbed for many weeks in developing these characters.

He has been inspired by the work of artists as diverse as David Hockney, Beatrix Potter and Picasso and in the cartoon styles of Ralph Steadman and Terry Gilliam.

He starts with a very simple sketch trying to get a pleasing composition and then works quickly with a limited pallet to ‘feel’ his way around the canvas until he is happy with the colour harmony and brush strokes. He often applies paint with rags and uses his fingers to manipulate the paint and give energy to the line work.

In addition to the two lead artists there is work from 8 other artists on show. The mixed show features over 40 new paintings that capture the essence of the British countryside in a unique and original fashion. Other artists featured in this exhibition are: Roger Davies, Sheryl Roberts, John Sibson, Francesca Roberts, Clare Haley and Rozanne Bell.

The art on show has a focus on accessible, colourful and uplifting works that appeal to everyone not just the art connoisseur.

Steven Lord, gallery owner said “Mark and Michael are two local artists at the top of their game and encourage everybody to come and see this inspiring exhibition.”

The Harrison Lord Art Gallery in Brighouse is open every day except Sunday and the free to enter exhibition runs until September 5th.

Ring 01484 722462 for more details.

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