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Clare Haley

Originally from Bradford, Clare Haley graduated from Cleveland College of Art and design with a HND in Graphic Design in 1991. From there she lived in Northern Ireland to work in Graphic Design and   then full time as an artist. Exhibiting in oil and watercolour from galleries in Fermanagh. The Irish landscape provided the raw, ever-changing atmosphere she loves to paint. After many years working back in West Yorkshire in the greeting’s card industry she has returned to the easel, favouring oil on board to continue her passion for the wild landscape and its revolving skies.

“My inspiration to paint comes from a fascination with the raw landscape and the way the weather affects its mood. The sky plays a crucial part in how the landscape comes alive through light, shadow, moisture and movement. I paint in oils, and love the way the paint responds to my imagination. Sketching and drawing initially with the brush, building up the momentum for the bolder strokes. The whole anticipation of what may be.  Artistic fulfilment comes when the viewer connects with the painting whether through a mood or memory, or as a piece of visual artwork in which to escape into.”

Clare Haley Artist

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